Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lilly Love is happy again!

Lilly Love is sooooo HAPPY! She didn't think anyone would show up at her party but just look at the crowd. All Lilly Love's best friends are gathered and very well dressed.
No surprise maybe that Lilly Love is dressed as a rabbit... Got her inspiration from BunBun maybe?! And BunBun is almost unrecognizable in his fox suit.
This is Lilly Love's way to celebrate Halloween. She thinks vampires, zombies and witches gets a bit too creepy and also too classic. So to be dressed as your favorite animal is the theme for the evening. Rabbit, Fox, Turtle, Eagle vs Shark, Goat and Frog. Which one is you're favorite animal?


Friday, 30 October 2009

Lilly Love is taking a break

Oh, look at Lilly Love! She's all blue. Blue? Why are you blue Lilly?
No one has answered Lilly on the note she left. Buhu!
So, she is sitting all by herself drinking a big cup of chocolate with marshmallows. Yummie you may think but not if there isn't gonna be a party tomorrow. You rather have a big party than a big cup of chocolate. Right?!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lilly Love had a good weekend

It's been one those weekends. You know, nothing special to do but still very busy. Busy busy woman, yes that's Lilly Love for sure.
It's been watering the plants and polishing the silver. Baking cup cakes and wrighting angry letters to important persons. Use the Abslider and sort the scarfs (this time by length, not colour). Give BunBun a haircut and knit him a new muffler.
Autumn is here and winter is approaching, so a muffler to BunBun was on top of the list.
Here are other things you can do while waiting and preparing for winter:
1. Collect summery stuff to look at when it's dark and rainy. Lilly Love found a ½ flip flop which she is keeping in a box.
2. Jump and run though bunches of leaves. It's a classis and maybe the new black.
3. Wright letters to Santa adn tell him to stop disturbing in the middle of october. It's not until 24th we actually want to see him.
4. Making a schedule of which candy and cakes your going to bake.
5. Drink tea.
6. Join a course learning something you never did before. (best tips ever!)
But Lilly Love also thinks it's ok to just put her slippers on and cuddle up in her very cosy coach.
So happy happy Sunday evening!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Lilly Love's profile picture

Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love Lilly Love

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Lilly Love is hanging up a note

Oh, look! Lilly Love is throwing a party. How nice!
A bit in a rush when writing Lilly? But this will be really exciting.
Wonder what Lilly Love will dress as? A lion, a snake, a cat? Who knows?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Lilly Love is up to something

Lilly Love is disappointed. No snow. Not a single little snow flake. Oh, damn! Will it ever be winter Lilly Love is thinking!?

Answer: Yes, yes it will. It will come and then you'll be fed up with it for way to much long than you ever thought was possible.

But no snow, no fun. That's what Lilly Love is thinking right now. So, what to do meanwhile? Lilly needs to kill a few hours, days and weeks until the real winter arrives. She just came up with this brilliant plan. But she won't tell not just yet. There are thing that needs to be decided, there are plans that have to be made up. Lilly love is up to something. What can it be?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lilly Love is waiting

It's been a while since we head from Lilly Love. It's because she's been quite boring this week. Not much action to show. The cold strike the city and cold means winter and winter means snow. So Lilly Love's only been sitting looking out her window. Trying to see the first snowflake make it's way down from the clouds.
But not a single flake, not a sign even. Lilly Love'll has to wait... And really, what's the rush about!?